My return ticket, however, was a blustery week away

I got my current job by bothering my manager until i got an interview, I do what it takes to get this one and look for evening or overnight so my husband can watch our daughter. Managed to get our internet bill down (we were paying for services we didn know we had and didn use that why it was so high)Thank you again for the inspiration! I haven had a chance to watch David Ramsey videos but kiddo going down for a nap so I do that now!Also downloaded mint, EveryDollar and Buxfer and playing with them all to see which is the easiest to use.I took a lot of notes and just wanted to say how much i appreciate everyone for being compassionate and not judging us (except the rude messages to my inbox but it Reddit lol)I downloaded credit karma and will hop on the computer and try to request me credit report. Not much showed on credit karma except one thing so I not sure why my credit is so low.Also!!! I did speak to birkin replica the borrower defense line with the dept of edu (the for profit school i went to is in the middle of litigation so id applied for forgiveness a couple years ago) and they told me it still in process but my loans should be in forbearance which explains why they didn show up on credit karma!I want to move my kid back into my room and offer that room to my brother for a very small rent since he desperate to move out of my dad but doesn want to spend a lot on rent as a college student.

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